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  • ALURAM: Beauty Beyond Compromise

    ALURAM: Beauty Beyond Compromise
    The Benefits of Coconut Water What do you really know about coconut water? How does it deserve the name ‘nature’s most perfect water’? And why is it such a prized ingredient? Well, in spite of its name, a coconut is not a nut at all, but a fruit. Coconut fruits grow on large palm trees in fabulous sunny environments, - one reason why...
  • NEUMA: Introducing The Naturally Addictive Collection

    NEUMA: Introducing The Naturally Addictive Collection
    EXPLORE NOW   With vegan and plant-based living on the rise, the industry has experienced a massive boom. Figures produced by The Vegan Society demonstrated an impressive 360% increase in the number of vegans over the last decade. What does this mean for hair care? A growing demand for vegan-friendly lines. New to TBBS, we are delighted to introduce Neuma, an industry-leading, cruelty-free...