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Jennifer Arsenault

OCTOBER 3, 2023

Styling Trends: Autumn 2023

Fall is in the air and as the autumn season brings new changes, it comes along with the most delinquent hair dilemmas. Sometimes your hair acts dry or frizzy to terrify your Halloween, other times the static electricity scorns Thanksgiving. 

However, you only need to learn a few hair tricks this autumn to use good products and you are good to go. You can be a trendsetter if you have the confidence to experiment with new styling trends. So, are you ready to slay this fall? 

From shaggy curls to feathery bangs and all the hair colours in between, hair styling trends for Autumn 2023 are a treat for your Halloween hair.

So let’s roll some autumn hair trends together and be grateful for your hair this Thanksgiving. 

Shaggy Curly Fringes

Curly hair is always in fashion. You need to rock them in pride. It’s a work of art to scrunch out the crunch and as a curly girl (or a boy), it’s your chance to style them like never before.

A shaggy cut can make the bangs's dream turn into a reality. You need a layer cut in your wet hair and before it dries, apply bit size ALL ABOUT CURLS Soft Definition Gel in your hair and scrunch upward for the frizz-free fringes. The Soft Definition Gel will lock in the moisture and you will have a voluminous shiny touch to your curly hairstyle. 

And now you have shaggy textured fringes secret to style your curly hair this autumn.

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The Half Done 

We have found an immensely comfortable yet creative hair trend for you to wear this autumn; the half-up, half-down hairstyle. Also, it had been a trend on TikTok and Instagram where creators and influencers were putting their half hair up and letting others half down using a claw clip. 

To uplift your hairstyle better, use BALMAIN Pince Cheveux Medium Claw Clip. Its medium size and stiff quality will make you look taller and slayer but not overdramatic.

It’s practically the most suitable hairstyle for women with long hair. They can easily put their long locks away from their face and still manage to be a hit in this humid autumn.

Claw up the Mess

When you are in no mood to do hair, pick BALMAIN Pince Cheveux Medium SS22 Claw Clip and pull your hair in a messy updo. Make sure you let your bangs fall out your face and fleet with the crisp air. 

Since autumn is unexpected about whether it's going to be humid, hot, or frenzy, it’s a great option and, in fact, a trendy Insta fashion to pounce a messy bun with a stiff claw clip. 

Ponytail Hairstyles

Remember how the internet went crazy recently about the Barbie trend? Well, that’s not over yet. Ladies are still wearing Barbie-style ponytails with a curly wave at the bottom, so you should be a part of this trend too.

It will be a great match if you have long hair or shoulder length. Otherwise, now there are all kinds of extensions to add extra lengths. So, all you will do is fasten your hair in a heightened ponytail while you heat up your BABYLISS Wild Orchid Flat Iron.


Take your flat iron and evenly straighten your hair with a wide curl at the end. The ceramic plates of BABYLISS Flat Iron are designed to reduce frizz while evenly distributing heat throughout the hair. It gives a silky, sleeky, and smooth look to your ponytail.

Although, autumn air boosts the frizz in your hair, so to prevent your ponytail all day apply AMERICAN CREW Heavy Hold Pomade for shiny and sleek hair. It will help lock shine in your hair so you can slay your Barbie ponytail all day. 

Dark Purple Highlights

Instagram has been going insane with every next person, either men or women, having dark purple highlights in their hair. And honestly, this is a must-try styling trend to wear this autumn.

But during the autumn season, the sun’s UV rays are less intense, yet they can blemish your hair color. Therefore, use COLORPROOF Cuticle Closer to punch the vibrancy of your edgy highlights and extend the color’s life.

Fluffy Blowout

One thing that is unquestionably in the styling trends of August is fluffy blow-dry. It's elegant, and chic, and won’t consume as much of your time. 

The BABYLISS Ceramix Xtreme Hairdryer is perfect for blow-drying your hair in a voluminous hairstyle. It is built with powerful damage-protecting far-infrared heat technology. 

Then you pump COLORPROOF Cuticle Closer in your blowout to extend the life of your blow-dry, control autumn air frizz, and boost the shine.  

Shaggy Wolf Cut

We must not ignore the trendsetting Wolf Cut that has taken Instagram into torment. Most of the people adopted wolf hairstyles from Wednesday Adams but now every second man or woman wants to get this cut. Fortunately, it goes with all kinds of hair either curly, wavy, straight, or kinky. 

You just need a Firm Hair Spray by NEUMA which has built-in humidity resistance to hold and control your shaggy haircut. It makes your hair and scalp healthy and lavender flower essence calm and strengthens your hair.

Middle Partition Feathered Bangs 

Remember how we used to hate middle partition braids back in school? Now, it suits all of us and is trendy. And the irresistible bang cuts this season are feathered look. Feather cut is different from layers since it gives a bouncy volume to your hair. 

So, you would slide a middle partition in the feathered cut. Additionally, using a ROYALE Classic Ceramic Flat Iron will help you generate a wavy curl pattern to your hair feathers. And prevail your hairstyle with COLORPROOF Cuticle Closer which will look out the curly waves of your bags.