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Jennifer Arsenault

MAY 21,2023

BIOLAGE: Dress Up Your Tresses With Exceptional Hair Products 

We live in a fast-paced world, where next-day deliveries are the norm, and food cravings are satisfied in 30 minutes or less. Salon appointments that used to be half-a-day self-care and rejuvenation opportunities are now fit into 30-minute appointments or during lunch hours on time-crunched days. 

Despite being founded in the ‚Äė90s in New York, Biolage‚Äôs hair care products are perfect for today's busy women. It brought salon-grade hair care products to homes. And as its name suggests, the brand offers a wide range of hair care and styling products made from the finest natural ingredients for the new age women. 

"Biolage is recognized worldwide as a leader in the professional hair care field, and that reputation continues 

to grow."

Biolage is constantly improving‚ÄĒtaking hair care to new levels by offering high-performance, professional-quality products powered by botanicals. Their range of hair products caters to all types of tresses ‚ÄĒ color-treated, dry, damaged, oily, damaged, and more, with special care to ensure signature synergy between the hair and scalp. 

Let’s take a look at some of their best-sellers.

BIOLAGE ColorBalm Earl Grey

Flaunt your blonde, ginger, or brunette tresses confidently with Biolage‚Äôs ColorBalm conditioner. Suitable for wavy, straight, and curly hair, the conditioner provides deep, intense nourishment with visible enhancement in just five minutes. 

This 100% vegan formula is sulfate-free, paraben-free, and mineral oil-free, leaving your hair shiny and voluminous.

BIOLAGE All In One Multi Benefit Spray

Want a neat look for that important meeting you have later in the day or a shiny, bouncy sheen for that party on the weekend? Look no further. Introducing the All In One Multi Benefit Spray by Biolage. 

Infused with the goodness of coconut, the product is great for styling, enhancing shine, fighting frizz, shielding your hair from the heat, preventing split ends, and more! 

BIOLAGE All-In-One Shampoo Scrub

Struggling with oily hair this summer? Check out the All-In-One Shampoo Scrub. This deep-cleansing shampoo absorbs oil and sweat, giving your hair a new lease on life! 

 Suitable for color-treated hair, from virgin hair to the darkest brunettes, the shampoo refreshes the roots, leaving your hair smelling fresh, feeling soft and weightless, and looking vibrant.

BIOLAGE FiberStrong Intra-Cylane Fortifying Leave-In Cream For Fragile Hair

Developed to fortify fragile hair, Biolage Advanced FiberStrong Fortifying Cream is a best-seller for a reason! Powered by Fiberstrong Intra-Cylane, bamboo, and ceramide, this leave-in treatment incredibly influences frizzy, fragile hair, preventing hair breakage and split ends. 

It works like magic with other styling products or as a leave-in treatment for enhanced hair repair, leaving your tresses irresistibly soft and strong. 

BIOLAGE ColorBalm Red Poppy

Looking for that fresh, vibrant look? The Biolage ColorBalm conditioner infused with Red Poppy is your go-to solution to give your hair color an instant boost. Versatile for all hair types ‚ÄĒ color-treated or not, this vegan, paraben- and mineral-oil-free conditioner leaves hair looking 10X more moisturized after just one use. 

To reap the best results, apply the Color Balm Poppy Red conditioner on dry hair after a shower, spread it with a comb, or massage it into your hair with your fingers. Rinse after 5-10 minutes and watch your tresses come alive. 

BIOLAGE SmoothProof Shine Milk For Frizzy Hair

Indulge in the ultimate frizz-fighting experience as the Biolage SmoothProof Shine Milk works its magic, transforming unruly strands into a sleek, radiant mane.

This lightweight mist is infused with the goodness of natural ingredients that envelopes your tresses with nourishment, leaving them soft, strengthened, and shiny! Let the irresistible blend of nature's bounty and cutting-edge formula restore your confidence as it unveils a lustrous finish that turns heads wherever you go.

BIOLAGE ColorLast Air Dry G Lotion For Color Treated Hair

Dullness and luster taking the spotlight away from your hair? Try the ColorLast Air Dry G Lotion For Color Treated Hair by Biolage and unleash a captivating radiance. Watch as it transforms lackluster strands into an awe-inspiring symphony of vibrant hues that dance with every step you take.

Immerse your senses in the delicate fusion of nourishing botanicals and breakthrough formula as this paraben-free lotion nourishes and breathes new life into your hair, unveiling a stunning spectrum of color depth and brilliance that lasts all day long.  

BIOLAGE VolumeBloom Gelee For Fine Hair

Packed with silicone-free conditioning gel technology, this innovative VolumeBloom Gelee conditioner imparts lightweight, long-lasting nourishment to fragile strands, strengthening them from roots to ends. 

Make heads turn this summer with renewed, voluminous locks! 

BIOLAGE ColorBalm Lavender Color Depositing Conditioner

Want to add some vibrancy to your light bases? Try Biolage‚Äôs Color Balm Lavender Color Depositing Conditioner. Ideal for medium blonde to very light bases, the conditioner nourishes your hair and adds a temporary violet hue. 

Laced with Biolage‚Äôs iconic fragrance, the conditioner is gentle on all hair types and textures, with 10X more softness after just one use. 

BIOLAGE VolumeBloom Full Lift Volumizing Spray For Fine Hair

Desire a bounteous and vibrant look for the weekend? Then the VolumeBloom Full Lift Volumizing Spray For Fine Hair is for you!  

Inspired by nature‚Äôs expanding cotton flower, this spray plumps all types of hair, even the finest, with a lasting bouncy effect. Enjoy 70% more volume after just one spritz! 

BIOLAGE Color Balm Saffron Red

Spice up those beautiful locks with the Color Balm Saffron Red Depositing Conditioner that leaves your hair soft and moisturized, with a copper tone finish perfect for light brown and warm red bases. 

Treat your tresses to a deep conditioning treatment and enjoy 10X more softness, volume, and glow, with a hint of the brand’s signature fragrance!

BIOLAGE Smoothproof Deep Treatment Pack For Frizzy Hair

Uncover the magic of Biolage Smoothproof Deep Treatment Pack For Frizzy Hair ‚ÄĒ the hidden tool in your haircare arsenal to combat frizz, split ends, and flyaways to enjoy a sleek finish. 

Infused with the goodness of camellia and castor oil, you can now enjoy hair that is 8X smoother, minus up to 70% breakage!

The brand also offers two other exciting treatment packs: 

FiberStrong Deep Treatment Pack For Fragile Hair, a deep-conditioning protective mask for fragile hair. See instant moisturization with less breakage. Enjoy softer, improved elasticity and more manageable hair that looks and feels nourished, silky, and supple. 

Treat and restore those colored tresses with the ColorLast Vibrancy Deep Treatment Pack. Say goodbye to endless treatments, cold-water rinses, damaged, tangled ends, and dull, faded hair color. Instead, embrace glossy, stronger hair with 70% less noticeable breakage.