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Jennifer Arsenault

DECEMBER 14, 2023

Creative Looks: Holidays In Style

Do you remember your last holiday? Bustling in completing all the preparations while managing to look the most beautiful woman at the party. It must be a tough job to handle party arrangements and be in an ultimate holiday fashion. 

So, let me make it easy for you by sharing some of the most creative holiday hair trends for this season. Besides that, there are the best hair styling products in this article to give your hair a life.

Holiday Hair Trends for 

Short Hair

Nothing goes out of fashion for a long time! It keeps coming back after a while to become trendy. It is the same as for classic Hollywood-style waves. The classic Hollywood superstars are holiday hair inspiration for you this year.

Just create a wavy texture with ELEVEN Flat Iron and style them with COLORPROOF Styling Putty for a more enhanced and textured look. You will stand this look in short hair. Go for it!

Elegant Glitter Bob

Bob cut isn’t obsolete! Every time someone would cut their hair short, we would stand for you to get a bob cut. And with that short hair you are trying to get a glittery look, dress and makeup, so why not hair too? 

Add some glitters to your Bobs and end your look with COLORPROOF Styling Putty for a firm hold and matte finish. 

Creative Christmas Hairstyles

Give a triple twist to your holiday hair. Oh well, you can do it with a triple twisted bun which is delicate, timeless, and an easy hairstyle. 

It requires you to section your hair in three ponytails and twist them in a bun. However, experts say if you twist your bun counterclockwise during the second ponytail, it will give a more creative look. 

Spritz R+CO BACKBEND Hairspray on your perfect bun to uphold your party hairstyle all night.

Halo Braid

Why don’t we unlock some winter hair trends for you, right? You must have seen those classical movies with cold seasons and halo-braided women. It’s romantic, chic, and classy with a decent touch for modern holiday hair trends. Make sure to apply NEUMA neuStyling Texturizer before styling, it will give separation and definition just how you want. 

Flat Iron Curls

Say you are traveling for holidays and you don’t have a lot of tools for your hair. But make sure you pack ELEVEN Flat Irons to steadily give loose curls to your hair. The ELEVEN Flat Iron is handy and quick to wrap your hairs and curl them. And You are ready to slay the Thanksgiving dinner night.  

Christmas Curly Hair Trends

Curls are themselves a holiday hair trend. Many girls find it hard to accept their curls but trust me, that’s an edge-cutting fashion. 

So, let your curls flow this holiday season. Just spray ELEVEN Smooth & Shine Anti Frizz Serum in your wet curls to promote shine and control frizz. Now, useAVANTI Universal Volumizing Diffuser to achieve the perfect volume for your curls. You will slay this festive hairstyle, trust me!

Bow-Accented Half-Up 

Hair accessories are always a cute and attractive way to do your hair. And if you have curls, the luck is you already look cute. 

So, here’s a cute Christmas hair idea. Tie half of your curls up and fasten it with a BALMAIN Barrette Bow. Aren’t you going to be the cutest on Christmas Eve? 

Holiday Updos for Long Hair

We are at the end of 2023 and still 90’s updo is an absolute show-stopper. It’s a perfect style for women who are planning bold and edgy looks for their holiday hairstyle. 

So, blow out your hair first with BABYLISSPRO™ Ceramic Hot Air Styler which will give a volume to your hair. Now, updo your blown hair while leaving a strand to fall from the frame of your face. You will look like a glamorously attractive lady. 

Messy Boho Updo

Mess your hair this holiday! Besides, a boho updo is as cozy as the holiday season itself. So, start with your dry hair, do a half up and add volume to the crown of your head. Do braid or bind it in several twists and let some loose strands fall from your bun. What a beautiful mess! Make sure to fasten it with NEUMA neuControl Firm Hair Spray.   

Clip Hairstyles for the Holidays

I hope you get enough time in all the preparations to style your hair at best. Yet if you are running out of time grabBALMAIN Pince Cheveuxand twist it in a bun with some face-framing loose strands. Since Claw clip fashion never goes out of fashion and it’s in style but comfortable.

Clipped Fishtail Crown 

A fishtail crown is a very decent holiday hair trend to flaunt your New Year’s Eve hair. Just do a half-up and half-down with a fishtail crown topping your hair. AddBALMAIN Limited Edition Clip to let people with sparkly eyes. 

Espresso Hair Color

You have found the coolest holiday hairstyle with Espresso hair color. You can create it with SOCOLOR 10 MinuteHair Color and Developer Sachets. It’s a viral holiday hair trend which tends to stand out at holiday parties and dinners. 

Blonde Balayage

While some might argue that Blonde Balayage is a summer trend, we will stick to the fact that it will bring warmth in winter. With a brunette base and 503N color ofSOCOLOR 10 Minute HairColor and Developer, you can get blonde balayage with Sachet.

Braided Holiday Hair Trends for Everyone

Bubble braids are the most evolving holiday hair trend this season. It’s so easy that anyone could do this. Just tie your hair in a ponytail and grip ponies from a distance of a few inches. You will end up having a classy, Jasmine-like look which can make you go viral. 

Side Braided Hairstyle

If you are so concerned about what hairstyle suits your hair and what not, here’s a versatile holiday hair trend for you! Just side-part your hair and draw braids in small sections. It’s a timeless and impressive hairstyle which can dazzle you this Christmas.

These ultimate viral holiday hair trends are your go-to hairstyles for this holiday. Besides, apply TBBS professional and effective hair products and win your hairstyling game this festive season.