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Jennifer Arsenault

OCTOBER 9, 2023

Clairol: Rich in History, Hues, and Haircare!

Not all beauty brands have the power to rewire the way society thinks. Back when women were expected to steer clear of radical changes in their looks and lifestyles, Clairol encouraged them to express themselves freely by coloring their hair in a way that resonated with them.

The brand believes in the empowering force of liberating femininity from the limits of expectations and norms - whether it’s changing hair color in the conservative post-war era or using innovative products to highlight a person’s uniqueness in the age of social media.

Ninety years after it was founded, Clairol continues to create products anchored in its foundational values of challenging norms that put limits on women, giving us more ways to see life in full color!

From a Family Business to a World-Famous Brand

‘Nice women DO color their hair.’ 

Clairol is known for its trailblazing campaigns through the decades, inspiring confidence and liberation in women. Its message - It’s not a bad thing to express your kind of beauty!

With an open mind, many people imbibed the idea. The result? A brand rooted in women's empowerment, overcoming the odds, and gaining a strong, global following. A brand that has become synonymous with high-quality hair color systems. Growing from a family business to an industry leader, the brand has successfully created a wide range of hair color treatments and care products that help women look and feel great by embracing who they are.

One of its most popular product lines is the Shimmer Lights Collection, a violet-hued formulation that enhances the brightness and radiance of blonde, gray, and white hair tones and highlights. They combat dullness and brassiness and provide a shimmery and reflective finish to the hair. Check out these products from this innovative collection and discover new ways to give your light-colored hair color fullness and shine without weighing it down. 

Clairol lets you put the spotlight on your hair with every wash! This award-winning, protein-rich, color-enhancing shampoo is a pro when it comes to shine and color vitality. 

It works to eliminate the unwanted warm yellow or orange tones that dull and sully light-colored hair. It revitalizes faded highlights, maintains an ash-toned color, and adds shine without residue, both in natural or color-treated hair.

Shimmer and moisture are always the goal, girls! Especially in hot and humid weather when hair tends to look parched and lifeless, causing its color to lose its luster. 

This protein-rich blend of emollients, moisturizers, and color refreshers coats each strand with nourishment as it revitalizes faded highlights and adds radiance to gray hair. It also eliminates brassiness and adds a shiny finish without residue.  

Every amazing hair color result needs a good base to build upon. This white powder lightener gives hair color experts greater creative control over the lightening process. It reinforces precision coloring, achieving the right shade and sheen. 

How? By safely lightening the existing color, it achieves even and consistent tightening across the hair, provides versatility in application, and creates a good base for a more vibrant showing of the chosen color! 

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It’s a mask made in hair heaven. This violet formulation creates a cooler tone by neutralizing brassiness - turning warm hues to cool blonde results. It also provides deep conditioning with its powerful blend of lavender extract, jojoba, coconut, and Argan oils, giving blonde, highlighted, or gray hair a healthy, hydrated look and feel.

From lift to light, to life! 

Cool blonde hue, lustrous finish, silky consistency for even application - this powerful toner works hard to help your hair look its lightened best! It provides a good lift of the original color up to 7 levels, strengthens the hair, resulting in 97% less breakage, and can be used during pre-lightening or to refresh blonde tones with ease.

Another toner option to give you precisely the shade you want. 

These three cool blonde shades of smoky pearl toner neutralize brassiness, revealing an intense shine. It has a silky consistency that allows for easy and even application. It can lift color up to 7 levels to create a good pre-lightening base or as a refresher for blonde tones. It also strengthens the hair, resulting in 97% less breakage. 

Celebrate Your Gray, Highlighted, or Blonde Hair

Light-colored hair reflects light, and this should be about life and luster - not a showcase of dullness and dryness in full display. With Clairol’s Shimmer Lights Collection, you can give your lightened hair the support it needs to shine and stand out, defying aging and age-old beliefs. 

Whether embracing your grays, sporting luscious highlights, or keeping your color-treated hair in the blonde shade you want, Clairol can help you enhance and sustain its appearance and texture. The good news is that it does all of these without harsh chemicals like ammonia that subject the hair to unhealthy processes. 

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Say Hello to Cool, Youthful Blonde and Radiant Grays 

You don’t have to live with the unwanted warm yellowing or the dryness; the Clairol solution that combines nature and science is your partner in keeping your self-expression inspiring and deserving of a second (or more) look. 

Don’t let the brassiness or dryness keep you from enjoying your hair game. 

Stay true, stay expressive, take up space, and showcase your chosen color. Starting with your hair!

More Clairol Products for Each Hair Type and Need

Aside from the award-winning Shimmer Lights line, Clairol also offers a range of brands that cater to various hair types and needs: Nice'n Easy, Textures & Tones, Natural Instincts, Root Touch-Up, Color Gloss Up, Blonde It Up, Perfect 10, Balayage, Blonde It Up. 

There is no shortage of creativity with Clairol - each product is a toast to celebrating beauty through free and fierce self-expression. 

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